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hey, it's march 20th in some places already!

This is the official Post of Links for rayk97s.

Writers, post your story on your lj, your webspace, or wherever you're storing it, and come back here and comment to this post with the link, the title, and the lyric you wrote with. Min or I will edit this post as the comments come in, until we have all the stories listed here in one neat place for everyone.

Okay? Okay!

aukestrel: Dancing on Diamonds
Telephones make strangers out of lovers,
Whiskey makes the strangers all look good.

bohemian__storm: Greener Grass
Maybe maybe I've got a problem
Maybe my heart's a liar
A bird in the hand is worth a bird in a cage
Is worth a bird on a telephone wire

brooklinegirl: Four Leaf Clover
I've got a real live horseshoe
I hung it upside down above my door.
But it don't do nothing to impress you.
So I don't know what the hell it's for.

buzzylittleb: The Mermaids Are Singing
I don’t do love, I don’t women named Hannah
And I don’t do red haired girls from Louisiana

estrella30: time and temperature
And I'm calling time and temperature just for some company.
I wish you were here. I wish I was too.

j_s_cavalcante>: Such Things as Angels
And it’s all your fault, you spiked my malt
You slipped a mickey in
my heart.

lalejandra: line upon line of cocaine
but i heard that there ain't no gold there
there's just line upon line of cocaine

lilac_one: Liar
Well, you can blame it on the moonlight, blame it on plate tectonics
Thought I wasn't listening but I was
Talk about attraction, talk about electronics
You are the reason, you are because

minervacat: Uncross Your Heart
I'll find another lady and you'll wreck another man

missapocalyptic: White Man's Blues
You might think it's stupid
But I still think it's art

mltwritermom: I couldn't drink enough...
I couldn't drink enough to make this make sense
But I think I'm gonna give it a try
There's no settling down there's only driving downstate
So I drive

moosesal: Me and Vecchio Down By the Schoolyard
I hope you crash your mama’s car,
I hope you pass out in some bar,
I hope you catch some kind of flu,
Let’s say I wish the worst for you.

mrsronweasley: Right, This Time
Do you wanna mess around?
Do you wanna spend the night?
I've known both kinds of love
But I want to get it right this time

pinn2480: The Serial Lady-killer
"So I sidled up beside her, settled down and shouted, "Hi there."
"My name's Stewart Ransom Miller, I'm a serial lady-killer."
She said, "I'm already dead," that's exactly what she said"

sageness: Current
I got a landmine in my bloodline
I'm not immune to getting blown apart

vylit: not a king
Please don't call me cool just call me “asshole”
'Cause I will be a beggar not a king.

visionshadows: Tonight the part of THE VILLAIN will be played by: Stanley Raymond Kowalski
The only difference is you've got integrity, I don't
Only difference is I'll do a lot of things you won't
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